Even Introverts Can Sell Insurance

I am living proof that one does not have to have the gift of gab in order to be successful as an insurance agent.  There is room for everybody in the insurance marketing game.

 Some agents are naturally comfortable in social situations.  They can slap backs and shake hands with the best politicians.  They find it easy to name drop and work the mixers.  I’m not one of them.

 Fortunately, you do not have to be a Saturday night dandy in order to be successful in the insurance industry.  There are plenty of options available for everyone.  Back in the olden days, when the earth was stilling cooling and I was a rookie agent, there was no such thing as internet marketing.  Insurance was sold face-to-face around the kitchen table.  Agents were expected to dress, act & smell a certain way.

 It was difficult for an introvert like me to survive then but I was married with two ankle biters to support.  My degree is in Bible so I had no marketable skills.  Sales were the only vocational option I was remotely qualified for unless I wanted to flip burgers.  I determined that I would do what had to be done to support my family as long as required until I could be promoted to an office job where I did not have to interact socially with strangers.

 I am fine in social situations where I know the people around me but not so much around strangers.  A big belly and slight slur in my speech contribute to my becoming a wall flower in social situations.  At mixers when I am supposed to be smchoozing I tend to fade into the background.

 Today, with the internet, it is much easier for introverted people to be successful in insurance.  With millions of people interacting on line an agent today can do all their marketing for free or at least inexpensively over the internet.  Questions can be addressed by cell phone or email.  Depending on the product and company you represent, applications can even be done on line.  In theory, the shy insurance agent can be successful without ever having to leave his house.

 There are many, many ways to sell yourself and your products on line, even if you are socially awkward.  In the coming weeks, when this blog does not have a guest’s input, I will share them.

 The technique that I most recently experimented with is a free, on line program called Slide Share.  It is similar to You Tube but not quite the same.  I know there are probably more applications for the program that I need to learn but I am excited about the main function of the program.

 Slide Share  allows you to publish a Power Point presentation on line.  At first this sounds rather dull, but think of the possibilities.  Once you learn how to use the Power Point program on your computer you can use your approved marketing materials to create a presentation that you can email to your prospects saving you mailing time and money.

 Before you geeks go wild with this idea.  Remember most states and insurance companies have guidelines on what you can and cannot say about insurance on the internet.  Make certain that anything you do is acceptable with both your state’s department of insurance and your company.

If you are curious to see what a basic slide show looks like, view mine entitled “How To Read A Health Insurance Policy.”   It is crude and I am certain can be improved but it will give you an idea of what the free version of the software can do for you.  From what I can tell, you are able to upgrade to the Pro addition to have more options.

 I’m certain other agents can think of other ways to profitably use this tool.  If you can, please share your idea in the comments section below.


About The Insurance Barn

Husband of 1, father of 2, health insurance agent and insurance trainer.
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