Insurance Agent Cartoon: Sultan of Spam

The reason why your insurance agency is not reaching its goals is possibly your prospecting techniques.  Many insurance agencies are using 20th century outbound marketing techniques in th 21st century.

Watch this, cartoon.  It was made by a company other than mine but it makes a valid point.

The only modification I would make is a warning never to completely stop any marketing you are currently doing.  Don’t replace it but add to it.  You can eventually set up your inbound marketing program in just a few minutes per day and a couple of hours on the weekend, or whenever you have some down time.

If your current, 1990s prospecting techniques are at least bringing you some activity, don’t just abandon them until your 2010, online programs start giving you regular activity.

Remember, it takes time to build your personal brand and credibility on line.  You will have to be content with simple survival until your on line marketing kicks in and you earn MDRT.

Also, be practical.  If your manager has trained you to prospect in one way.  It will be vocational suicide to insist you know better.  You will need to practice both outbound & inbound marketing until you are able to prove with results which is working better.

If you have to do both, develop some sort of tracking system to see where your best sells are coming from.  Once you have a large enough sample you can then make an informed decision on what marketing skills are working for you and what ones are not.  At that time you need to adjust so that you are spending your time and money doing the things that earn money for you.


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Husband of 1, father of 2, health insurance agent and insurance trainer.
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