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In the years B.C. (Before Computers) when I broke into the insurance industry it was said that insurance agents had to have the “Gift of Gab” to be successful.  In other words they had to be comfortable talking in front of people.

That skill is still important in the 21st century but maybe not quite as important as it used to be.  After many years the public is now a little more savvy and leery of what they perceive to be commission sales people.  Now, not only does one have to have the ability to speak but it is just as important to have something worth saying.

Indeed the ability to communicate with the spoken word is still important, especially when dealing with members of the Baby Boom generation.  Although they are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and other social media sites, many of them still feel more comfortable talking with a knowledgeable insurance agent after they have done their own research on line.

Many young adults grew up using computers.  They are perfectly fine researching and buying on line.

Whether your target market is baby boomers or millennial you need a presence on line that is easy for them to find you.  If for no other reason, your competition has one.  If you are not on line you are giving policies and commissions to agents who are.

I have eliminated the argument, “It costs too much to be online.”On the side of this blog is a Power Point slideshow with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a free WordPress.com blog.

A blog allows a person who is not quite as skilled in verbal communications to still be competitive.  The “Gift of Gab” helps in insurance sales but it is no longer a prerequisite.

One of the most heard excuses why insurance agents do not have a blog is, “I don’t know what to write about.”  That excuse is addressed in a recent article from Social Media Examiner“How To Grow A Following With Other People’s Popular Content,” is a must read for any blogger who feels the well of ideas will dry up.

There are other techniques an agent can use to make certain they don’t run out of content but this, in my opinion, is a primo idea. I encourage every insurance agent to read this article and set up their own free blog.

If you have any other suggestions to allow an agent to build a powerful presence on line, please share them in the Comments area below.


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