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In my opinion the hardest part of being an insurance agent is changing a mindset.  If you are paid a salary or hourly wage you are an employee.  Your manager is your boss.  When he/she says, “jump” you should say how high.  As long as they are paying you, you should remain loyal to them and do what they say without question.  If they ask you to do something that violates your personal beliefs or ethics, you have the right to resign and not take their money any more.  As long as you continue to take their money, you owe them loyalty and an honest day’s work. 

At least that is the work ethic I was brought up to believe.

Most of us were brought up believing in the employer/employee relationship.  As students, whether high school or college we were anxious to enter the work force and find a job working for someone else.

If, however, you are an insurance agent relying on commissions for your income, you have to change your mind set.  As a commission based insurance agent you are self employed.  The sooner you realize that the faster you will find success.

Your sales manager may be more experienced than you and wiser about insurance sales but you do not work for him/her.  You work for yourself.  If he/she has a bad week, unless they screwed up your paperwork, you will never know it but if you have a bad week it will show on your pay statement.

The first hurdle, in the race for success that most insurance agents have to navigate, is their own mindset.  You have to make the transition from an employee attitude to the attitude of an entrepreneur.

When an employee approaches a barrier to success they tend to ask for instructions and permission to bypass it.  They are content to achieve the level of success their manager obtained but no more.

Entrepreneurs, however, are a little different.  They are not content to achieve the level of success their manager did.  When they reach a barrier, like a football tailback, they find a way to break through it.  Often, just like the tailback, if they can get through a tough barrier, there will be an open field to success ahead of them.

While labels are not always good, they are not always bad.  If your income is commission based don’t allow someone else to define you.  You need to label yourself.

I encourage new and struggling commission based agents to read “Are You Really An Entrepreneur” by the Grasshopper Group.  Determine if you are capable of making that mindset change.

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