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One of the first things that every insurance agent should establish is a regular email marketing campaign.  While such a campaign will only bring a limited number of new prospects it can go a long way toward solidifying sales, improving your persistency measurement and promoting repeat sales in the future.

I started my email campaign after it dawned on me that the most common complaint I have gotten from prospects is, “I don’t even know who my insurance agent is.”

When I hear that, I have mixed emotions.  I am elated because I know I have a guaranteed sale as long as I don’t say something stupid.  On the other hand, I am a little depressed when I realize a member of the industry has provided substandard service. 

Agents like to spend their renewal commissions but forget why they are even paid them.  You are paid renewal commissions to service your existing clients.  That means you need to maintain contact with your customers.

Email services allow you to stay in front of your clients on a regular basis.  Even if they do not read your marketing messages, they will see your name and email address every time you send out an email campaign.  If nothing else, they will know how to contact you when they need your help or additional products.

My agency email list is relatively small, however, not a month goes by when I do not get an additional sale.  It has paid for itself many times over.  If you want to be added to my agency’s email mailing list, click on The Insurance Barn to subscribe.

There is a place on this blog where you can subscribe to my marketing newsletter specific to insurance agents.  I have set up the link in the yellow box on your right.

Email marketing services are typically very inexpensive.  If the only options you can find charge you over $ 100, call my offices.

This afternoon I ran across a blog from Vertical Response titled, “11 Email Marketing Terms You Need To Know.”  If you are not familiar with email marketing, I encourage you to click on it and read it.


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