Can Agent’s Afford To Procrastinate?

Raven Barnes as a puppy


It’s Monday, September 20 and I already have blog articles composed and scheduled for this week.  Last Monday we discovered a mass the size of a cantaloupe in our oldest dog’s spleen and were forced to put him down.  On Friday my wife convinced me to adopt a black lab puppy. (Isn’t she cute?) 

Then, to top the week of stress off, the Houston Texans played the late game yesterday and waited to win their game until overtime.  I was unable to relax yesterday.

The bottom line is, with a busy week last week, aren’t I due a day of rest?

Yes, all of us are occasionally due a rest.  If you have done everything that you need to do, go ahead and take one.  If you have not finished everything, however, don’t put it off.  Unfortunately, I have seen many agents’ lose their career by asking that very question.  Procrastination has cost many potentially good insurance agents a very lucrative future.

Early in my career, there I knew a young man who found relaxation on the golf course.  The problem is that he would want to “relax” every afternoon.  If he did not complete his paperwork or prospecting before tee time he would put everything off until the next day.

Fortunately, for him, he was very likable and fairly well known before he began his job as an insurance agent.  His natural market provided enough “pity sales” that he was able to keep his sales manager off his back.  Unfortunately, for him, he failed to learn the self discipline required of insurance agents while he was “selling” to those who already loved him.

All of us relied, to an extent, on our natural markets when we started.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with “selling” policies to our family and friends while we are learning.  The problem is, eventually, every one of us run out of family and friends and has to learn how to obtain new prospects who will not buy from us merely because they love us and want to help.

Ideally, we will be able to persuade our natural market to provide enough referrals to us and we will parlay them into sales and additional referrals.  Normally, that does not happen and the toughest part of our job is finding new prospects.

If you are still working your natural market, take the time to learn and set up a marketing plan to provide you with a consistent stream of prospects.  Don’t wait until you run out of prospects to learn.

If you have already exhausted your natural market, even if you have had a tough week and deserve to relax, learn how to set up a lead system that will give you that constant stream of prospects you need to turn into clients.

If you are prone to procrastinate doing what you know you should and justify taking time off, I encourage you to read an article from Bill Reid, “Procrastination-The Silent Killer.”


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