Insurance Agents: Embrace Technology

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There are many ways to make your telephone ring with prospective clients who want your service.  The free methods I help insurance agents cultivate on line are just a few of them.  There are hundreds of other free/inexpensive methods that are just as successful that can be implemented off line. There’s even more to come that we have not even dreamed of.

By its very nature, the insurance industry is conservative.  Some would even say they tend to lag behind the curve.  I know when I started in the industry in 1987, it was said the insurance industry tended to wait 10 years before implementing any new technology to make certain it was not just a fad.

I’m certain that is an exaggeration.  Only the oldest retired agents told us of the good ole days when policy illustrations were done by hand on papyrus.  When I started we actually had pencils and paper. J

Today, insurance companies are more accepting of new technology.  They use many different media to build their own brands.   As an insurance agent you need to learn from their example if you are going to be successful.

While the insurance companies are building their own brands, use technology to build your personal brand.  Prospects may be attracted to your company’s brand but unless they know about you, they can buy their policy directly from your insurance company or another agent.

Use the same technology, and more, to link yourself to your insurance company.  If you represent XYZ Mutual you want every person in your community to contact you whenever they think about getting a policy that XYZ Mutual handles.

I urge every insurance agent to establish, at a minimum, a web site, blog, email campaign and Facebook business page.  Three of the 4 elements are free and the web site can be as inexpensive as the cost of a domain name.

Of course you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to hire gurus and web masters but that is not necessary.  My agency’s website costs less than $ 5.00 a month and I’m pretty proud of it.  I know someone else may be able to do an even better job with it but for the price I paid for it I am more than satisfied.

With the internet, you don’t have to go broke getting your marketing message out.  You just have to be willing to embrace technology and know where to go.


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