If You Don’t Fish Where The Fish Are You Go Hungry

Fish PicKnowledge is the learning of facts.  Wisdom is the ability to apply those facts in a positive way.  Today I became a little bit wiser.  I did not learn any new facts but I was reminded of something I learned as a boy and how to apply it to insurance sales.

I grew up in rural Indiana.  As a boy my friends and I loved to fish.  I know how to use surface poppers, jigs, spinners and spoons but still prefer the old fashioned night crawler on a hook.  I can do all of them but there was one important lesson I learned.  “If you want to catch fish, you have to fish where the fish are.”

No matter how good my casting technique was or how juicy my worms were, if there were no fish in the area, I got chiggers and skeeter bites for no good reason.  Don’t get me wrong, a bad day fishing is still better than a good day working.  It is just that it is frustrating to expect a stringer full of fish and come up empty.

It wasn’t until this afternoon when I was watching a video from Social Media Examiner that it dawned on me that the lesson I learned as a kid is appropriate to insurance marketing on the internet.

In the interview, Joe Pulizzi, makes a very valid and simple point.  It may be both valid and simple but many insurance agents don’t apply it consistently.  I know I don’t.

Many agents post to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In because that is what is expected of them.  They are a little better off than the agents who only use cold calling methods for prospecting.  Unfortunately, they often stop there.

Twitter and Linked In are international social media sites.  If you are licensed in only one state, you are sending out your information to everyone and relying on luck for your target market to see your posts.

Facebook is one of, if not the fastest growing social media sites but it is primarily used for socialization.  Unless you are paying per click for advertising on it, you may be counting too much on the power of Facebook.

All three of them can be powerful sources of leads for you if you use them correctly.  If you don’t however, you are no better than a kid casting his lure into a pond with no fish.  He won’t catch any supper and you will not gather any leads by just going through the motions.

There are other forums, groups and search engines available on line that you can use to make certain you are presenting your bait to prospects who are actually interested in what you have.

Don’t stop posting to Facebook, Twitter or Linked In but do some research and find what forum your target market frequents and add that to your list of “fishin holes” where you can cast out your lure.

If you have any ideas or suggestions of other areas an insurance agent should add to his/her online “tackle box,” please leave them in the Comments area.


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