Eliminating Office Distractions

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Back in the day when I was working in an office full of people, before I became an independent insurance agent working from my own home, there were daily distractions that would keep me from accomplishing each day what had to be done.  Still, today, if I am not careful, the distractions of TV or three needy dogs can keep me from doing what I need to.

Every time a client or prospect calls is an interruption from what I was doing.  I have to remind myself that all the prospecting work I discipline myself to do is designed to encourage people to call.  Their calls may be an interruption but they are a positive interruption.

Every other distraction, no matter how urgent it may appear to be, is a non-productive distraction from my primary task, which is to locate new prospects and satisfy clients.  Socializing with others in the office, while fun, is not a productive use of business time.  If it has not dawned on you, yet, no one in your office is going to buy anything from you that they are already licensed to buy for themselves.

The office support staff person may very well be a prospect for you but the licensed agent in the cubicle next to yours is not.  In a sense, he is the closest competition you have.  Your manager may encourage teamwork between agents but the sooner you realize that commission sales are not a team game, the sooner you will be headed towards success.

Only when commissions are split, commensurate with the agent’s input, is insurance sales a team activity.  If one agent receives all the commission, he may be a friendly rival but he is still a competitor.

On September 28 I found an article with techniques to help people avoid distractions so they may complete the jobs they need to each day. The article from Mashable/Business titled, “37 Productivity Tips for Working From Anywhere” provides some sound advice for people in any industry who are easily distracted.

I highly encourage newer insurance agents, especially those who are used to working for someone else, to read the time management tips it offers.


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