Don’t Go To The Office Sick

“What happens when you cross an Insurance Goddess with a sick coworker? An Insurance Goddess with a horrible cold!”                       

-Florida Insurance Goddess

I read a Tweet a few days ago that reminded me why I became an independent insurance agent in the first place. There were several variables that I considered before I left the captive agency to become an independent agent. Using my knowledge of insurance to enrich someone else while they played was a huge motivator behind my decision.  I admit it; I tend to look out for myself and my family before considering the needs of someone else.

The insurance industry has been good to me.  It has provided a standard of living that other vocations would not have.  However, it was not just given to me.  I had to be diligent and self-disciplined to learn and earn what I have.  I resented using the skills and knowledge I had accumulated to make other agencies and agents who would not put in the time and effort successful.

With that having been admitted, I feel I am also not the most social of creatures.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not always a wall flower.  Neither do I slash the tires of people with whom I am angry.  I do, however, tend to avoid the “bull sessions” that most offices have.  I realize that many people go to their office to socialize with their co-workers.  When I go to the office, I go there to work.  To me, “bull sessions” are a waste of otherwise productive time.  Now that I am an independent agent with no employees, I don’t have to deal with that distraction.

Another pet peeve of mine, and the reason for this article, are otherwise nice people coming to work when they are sick.  To me, there are very few activities that manifest self-centeredness than that one.  I can’t count the number of times myself or my wife came home sick because someone else brought their germs to the office.

The way I see it, an individual who goes to work sick is already impaired and more likely to make mistakes with which someone else has to deal.  I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m capable of making mistakes, even when I am healthy.  The difference is they are my mistakes and I will correct them.  I resent cleaning up the mistakes of someone else.

Sick people in the office run the risk of infecting their co-workers and any clients that come into the office.  Someone who comes into the office for health insurance does not expect to leave with the flu.

I can almost understand someone going to work sick if they are an hourly employee.  I don’t condone it but I do understand why they do it.  I can’t understand or condone a salaried employee coming to work sick.  As long as the job gets done, the boss should understand.

I guess the moral of this article is, “If you are unfortunate enough to get the flu this winter, stay home and allow your body to heal itself.  Your co-workers will appreciate that you did not actively spread your contagion and you will be more productive when you are healthy.”


About The Insurance Barn

Husband of 1, father of 2, health insurance agent and insurance trainer.
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