How Can Skype Help Your Business?

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Every day I learn something new.  Alright, maybe not every day, but definitely every week.  I already feel fairly comfortable with Facebook, Twitter and Email, although I know that with the continuing changes to the technologies, there is always something new to learn.

I try to learn more and more about other ways an insurance agent can use technology to help them in their practice.  Last month I focused in on the Power Point presentation, Slide Share.  In fact, my marketing newsletter for October was on how to effectively incorporate Power Point presentations into your on line marketing campaigns.

In my family, my son is the Geek.  I am just a nerd.  He knows how to troubleshoot and fix computers.  I have no idea how they even work.  When it comes to their mechanics, I am lucky to know how to even turn my laptop on.  I must admit that when it comes to hardware problems, the son has outpaced the father in my family.

Also, when it comes to games he is far beyond me.  He and his girlfriend are big computer gamers.  As far as I am concerned, they can have that aspect of computers.  For some reason, I have never had much interest in video games.  I am more than happy to leave that area of technology to my wife, son and his girlfriend.

My interests in computers are purely mercenary.  I’m from the old school.  As a father and husband I still believe it is my responsibility to provide for my wife and children.  I want to know how I can most effectively use computer technology to build my business.

Last month, as I have already alluded to, my focus was on a program called Slide Share.  This month my focus is going to be on a program called Skype.  I know that Skype has been around a long time in the computer world.  There are geeks who have forgotten more about Skype than I will ever learn.

Still, I am not interested purely in the ability to have a video phone call, only.  I have to admit that while that is ho-hum to my son, it is still a novel idea to me that I can talk and see someone at the same time through my computer.

I know the technology exists.  My focus is on ways an insurance agent can use Skype to help them with their practice.  So far, what I have learned looks promising.  My plan is to publish my findings in the November marketing newsletter.

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If you know of a way to use Skype effectively in an insurance agency, please share it with me in the Comments area.


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