10 Motivational Quotes

Christmas in the post-War United States

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I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I know that shuffling papers from one pile to another is a non-productive waste of time.  All commission sales people, insurance agents included, get paid to close sales, not to shuffle paper.

In order to close sales, agents have to interact with people who probably need their services.  No agent was ever paid for shuffling piles of paper.

The nature of the career demands that insurance agents are able to motivate themselves to do the activities that lead to sales.  Those who cannot will either fail or rely on others to motivate them. 

Unfortunately, fear or “burn-out” often prevents agents from doing what is required for them to make a sale.  They fool themselves into believing that the non-productive “office demands” are their jobs.  If their compensation is part salary, office work is part of their job.  If, however, they are paid pure commission, their job is to facilitate sales with the public.  Office work, while sometimes necessary, needs to be held to a minimum.  No one in your office will buy anything from you or influence your check to the degree that you can by simply doing the job you are paid to do.

Thousands of people earn millions of dollars each year as motivational speakers.  I mean no disrespect to them or what they do.  All of us need to occasionally be reminded of the positive things in life. For me, however, I do not need to spend money to hear motivational clichés.  I am able to find plenty of motivation to do my job in the words of the important people in my everyday life.

Below are just a few. 

  1. “Because I said so!” – mom
  2. “You’ll never amount to anything!” – dad
  3. “I do!” – spouse
  4. “For Christmas I want…” – son
  5. “Can I take dance classes?” – daughter
  6. “How can you forget your nephew’s birthday?” – sister
  7. “You niece will only get married once.” – brother
  8. “Will you buy some girl scout cookies?” – neighbor
  9. “This is just a formality for your personnel file.” – manager
  10. “We’re about to shut off your electricity.” – power company

I’m certain you have heard hundreds of other “motivational” comments.  Please share them in the Comments area below.  Maybe some other depressed agent will be motivated to do something to help him/herself to success.


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