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Like many insurance agents, I office out of my house.  Earlier this week I ran across this article from a Facebook friend of mine, Jeremy J. Ulmer.  He refers to himself as a sales coach.  Back in my day, we would have called him a consultant.  That was before the term, “coach” was used for anyone other than on the sports field or court.

Regardless, of his title, he does have some interesting points in his article, Dangers of Sales Professionals Working From a Home Office.

When I first started in the business the idea of working from home was not practical.  Computers and printers were hard wired into mainframes, there was no internet or email and cell phones had not even been invented.  We had no choice but to go into the office to work.  After we left the office it would have been a waste of time to think about completing office duties.  We could not have even if we wanted to.

Today, it is different.  With laptop computers and cell phones insurance agents are no longer obligated to go into their offices to do required paper work.  Most of it can be done after hours at home.  If an insurance agent wants, s/he can check emails and return calls from anywhere in the state.  As a result, it is easy for them to become a work-a-holic.

Although Jeremy’s blog is directed specifically at sales people who office out of their house, I encourage all insurance agents, regardless of where you office, to read it.  There is wisdom there that can escape agents if they are not careful.

I know how easy it is to develop tunnel vision and focus exclusively on business.  Habits, like regular exercise, can be forgotten.  Articles like these remind all of us that there are things that are just as important as work that we all need to tend to during our lives.


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  1. Jeremy Ulmer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my article and your additional comments on the topic!

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