Defunding Obamacare

Tom Daschle

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“I do think defunding is a very serious threat and we have to be concerned about that. And I’m concerned about implementation. We’re electing 37 governors in this cycle. Those governors are going to have a lot to say with regard to the enthusiasm and the success of implementation. Because so much of what happens is going to happen at the state level. Now, we have a fallback position where the federal government can step in if the states don’t do what the law requires. So that fallback gives me some confidence that we’re going to have continuity with implementation.”

Tom Daschle

A new word has been added to the political dictionary. “Defunding” is a verb.  It is the action that will be taken by congress if the majority changes from Democratic to Republican in the election on November 2.

Without a 2/3 majority of delegates in both houses of congress, unless they are able to change Obama’s mind about his signature legislation, there is little the 112th congress can do about repealing the PPACA.  The president still has the power of the veto and is likely to veto any repeal measures, even if the majority of both houses of congress want the PPACA repealed.

All the talk about repeal by the 112th congress is mute unless a super-majority of 66% of both House and Senate are elected on November 2.  Only then can a presidential veto be over-ridden.

What the next congress can do is to practice what they are best at.  The new congress can be “obstructionists.”  They can hem & haw, grant interviews and request studies to delay and prevent the funding and implementation of the PPACA until a new president is elected in 2012.

In other words, like a battlefield medic, they will not have the ability to cure the wound on the US Treasury inflicted by the 111th congress.  They will, however, have the ability to stop the fiscal bleeding.

They can’t get back the money that Obama and his Sebelius have already given out but they can cut off the supply of future money.  They will have to wait until the presidential election of 2014 to find someone who can cure Obamacare.

If the mid-term elections go as they are expected to, my only hope is that Americans do not become complacent.  All the next congress can do is treat the symptoms of the PPACA.  It can’t be cured as long as the infection remains in the White House.


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