Quality vs. Quantity

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With all the emphasis on the techniques of social media marketing, today, it is easy for any sales persion, including insurance agents, to be caught up in the hype.

I’ve noticed a recent emphasises by marketers on the number of “friends” one has on the internet but not the quality of friends.  I read several articles, blogs and Tweets each day on marketing.  With the frequency of trend changes, I do not want to be left behind.

Unfortunately, many of those articles, blogs and Tweets discuss methods to increase the number of Facebook  “friends”  or Twitter followers one has.  They are unwittingly propogating the same old marketing philosophy I was taught 23 years ago.  The only difference is they are encouraging people to use technology to build their pool of suspects.

One thing I learned back then and is still true today is that I would rather have a pool of 10 people that I had a trusting relationship with than 1000 names of strangers who have no reason to believe anything I say.

E-Marketer, as a professional marketing organization, is much better than I am at expressing the importance of quality contacts over quantity.  I encourage every insurance agent to read their blog, “Gaining Customer Trust Online and Offline.”


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