Self-Mailers For Insurance Agents


Image by bpsusf via Flickr

If you use direct mail as one of your marketing outreaches, as an insurance agent, you are only permitted to use materials approved by your company is you mention either the companiy’s name or a product.

Unless, you use the marketing materials provided by the insurance company, you may find yourself tempted to mail out something you have designed yourself.

That is not necessarily a bad thing.  People with MBA degrees in marketing are not the only one’s who can have a good idea. As an agent, you are closer to your potential clients than any marketing guru in the ivory towers of the home office.   There is no reason why you can’t design a mail piece that is customized for you.

If you do, however, remember that most states regulate all advertisement materials for insurance.  Most companies will allow you to use mailers that you design but only after their legal department has reviewed them and given approval.

Last week, Ethan Bolt of Target Marketing Magazine, published an article about recent trends he and other professionals in direct mail have seen.  If you are inclined to prepare your own mailing piece, I recommend that you review his article, “4 Self-Mailer Format Trends In The Mailstream.”

Using the mailers your company provides may be sufficient for you, however, they are not always suitable if you are working a niche market.  If they do not work for you, feel free to use your creativity to prepare something that will.  Just make certain you submit it for approval from your company before you actually use it.


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