The Importance Of Personal Branding For Agents

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I am not a devotee of any one marketing philosophy.  Personally, I think that anyone can have a good idea and a flop.  In my opinion, there is no one marketing guru or miracle worker that can guarantee success for your business.  There are just too many variables.  The techniques I use in east Texas to market to people on Medicare are not the same techniques an agent needs to use in Connecticut to market life insurance to newlyweds.

The best any insurance agent can expect to do is to keep an open mind about marketing.  Whether you work with life, health or property insurance, your situation is unique.  After 2 decades, plus a few years, I still practice what I learned during my first year when reading or listening to others.  “Take the best and leave the rest.”

It is wise to learn from others but you need to remember that your agency, market and products are different from those gurus who claim to have all the answers.  Listen to them and you may learn something but before you implement any new marketing activities, consider your unique situation.

There are, however, some principles that are universal.  Every insurance agent needs to learn these basic marketing truths.  One of the basic truths is about “branding.”  As a captive agent, you probably are required to represent only your company.  All their pre-approved material is designed to promote the company’s brand.

If you are going to be successful, however, you have to find a way to promote both your personal brand and your company’s brand.  If you don’t, clients looking for your products will be just as content to do business with the agent sitting next to you as they will you.

Your insurance company probably does an excellent job at what they do.  If they didn’t, you would not be working for them.  I know, I would not.  It is important that you remember that you are not paid to just promote their brand but to sell applications.  That means that you not only have to convince people to buy a policy from your company but your marketing efforts need to cause people to ask for you.  You need to establish your own personal brand.

I find the article, “How to Brand Yourself: An Introduction” very helpful.  Although it is addressed to all entrepreneurs, I find that it has helpful information for insurance agents.


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2 Responses to The Importance Of Personal Branding For Agents

  1. planbdeb says:

    After over 30 years in the insurance industry it is apparent that insurance agents need to actually market themselves to set themselves apart from their competitors. Social Media is a very efficient way to deliver a trustworthy, authentic and powerful brand. I have developed a simple, affordable system to help insurance agents brand themselves. So glad you are ahead of the curve. Wish you great success!

    • Unfortunately, insurance companies train agents to sell but not to market themselves. I’m so tired of watching insurance companies throw bodies against the “wall” to see who will stick. Fewer than 6% of us last longer than 4 years. In my opinion because agents are trained to think like employees rather than entrepreneuers.

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