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Is Search Engine Optimization for you?  That depends on the market you want to see your online information.

Please remember, Google, Bing and Yahoo are humongous search engines.  Unless you have the appropriate licenses it does you absolutely no good for someone in Portland, Maine to view your web site or blog.  It would be a better use of your time and effort to focus on content that will be seen by your target market.

Regional search engines really do exist.  I know, I’ve seen them.  Rather than crawling the internet for things from across the entire nation, they tend to focus exclusively on one geographic area.  For example, in researching this article I found a regional search engine specifically for the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts.

As you prepare your web site or blog it won’t hurt you to insert key words and tags where they belong so that the large search engines like Google will maximize your ranking but remember, unless you are made of money and are willing to spend it, there is very little chance you will end up on the first page of a Google search for insurance.

Even if you do, a person looking at your site in Ohio cannot purchase anything from you if you are only licensed in Texas.

It is good for our egos when our statistics show that 2000 people visited our site on one day.  Unfortunately, they do not count unless they live in our community.

It may be worth a Saturday afternoon to optimize your web presence for the major search engines but it is a better use of your time, in my opinion, to make certain you have done what is necessary to maximize your exposure on the smaller, more regional search engines.

Often when customers are looking for entertainment they search on Google but when they are looking to buy they switch to a more regional search engine to find vendors.

Many regional search engines can be found at  Click on the link to submit your web site or blog to the search engine that services your region.

Just remember, while search engines are powerful, the majority of Americans still respond more often to off line marketing.  Don’t rely exclusively on search engines or any other one type of marketing.  Typically, your prospects need to see your name associated with your product a minimum of 8 times before you have the credibility required for them to make a purchasing decision in your favor.  A search engine result is just 1 exposure.  You should be using other marketing techniques to get the other 7 to reach the minimum requirements.


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One Response to Regional SEO

  1. Ryan Hanley says:

    Very good article. The point is, write about what you want to sell. Add value in the areas that you work. As it was mentioned above, your hits don’t make you money. Selling policies makes you money. Worry less about hits and more about conversion.


    Ryan H.

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