Confessions Of A Postcard Marketing Slacker

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The past two years I have not mailed out mailers in the six months of the first and last quarter of the year.  I have listened to the marketing gurus who have told me that people do not respond to marketing from insurance agents in the first and last quarters of the year.

As a husband of one wife and father or two grown sons, over the years I have convinced myself that if I do not listen to the pearls of wisdom I have to offer, no one will.

Recently, I have been listening to myself quote other marketing experts who teach that before a prospect becomes a customer they have to be exposed to your name and business a minimum of 8 times.  Then and only then, without a referral, will that person automatically associate you with the product they are going to buy.

That is not a guarantee that they will buy from you but only they will think of you at some time during their purchasing decision.

Ideally, a referral from a satisfied customer or your professional reputation in your community will persuade them to purchase from you.

As I have listened to myself, I have almost convinced myself that I may have made a mistake by listening to insurance company staff marketers in the past.

I do understand that there is not an immediate ROI, in most cases, with mailings for insurance during this time of year.  People’s minds are often more focused on the end of year holidays in November and December to care much about insurance.  My target market is small business owners.  In January and February they are often too busy with tax issues to care about insurance.

The most active time of the year, for me, has traditionally been April to October.

With the PPACA and the future of health insurance agents being what it is, I will be transitioning my target market from small business owners to Medicare recipients.  By definition, they will have different marketing requirements.

The last 6 weeks of the year is the time the federal government requires all people on Medicare D or Medicare Advantage to make an active choice on what insurance company they want to use for the next calendar year.  This is a perfect time to mail out pieces to people on Medicare letting them know who they may call for help with their Medicare plans.

Unfortunately, the thought that I needed to adjust my mailing campaign parameters did not dawn on me until November.   It may be too little, too late for me to have a significant impact with the Medicare Open Enrollment for 2010.

Next year, however, if the Lord allows me to survive for another year, my goal is to start mailing post cards on a bi-weekly basis around Labor Day.  That will give my target market the minimum 8 contacts required before Thanksgiving to hopefully cause them to call my office in December for help with their Medicare D, Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care insurance.


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