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I read a blog by Ryan Hanley this afternoon.  I agree with about 90% of My Thoughts After Presenting on Social Media to Young Insurance Agents

In my opinion, the internet should be embraced.  More insurance agents should be using Twitter, Facebook and Blogs to promote their agencies.   If used correctly, the internet is not a waste of time.

Still, there is about 10% of his blog that I disagree with.

Whether or not he wishes to call himself a Social Media expert is immaterial to this discussion.  The very fact that he agreed to participate in a panel and promote the use of Social Media suggests that, in his opinion, he is willing to provide expert opinions on the use of Social Media for insurance agents.

The problem is that, while Social Media may be fine for sales people in other disciplines, in most states, the laws governing advertising include anything we publish on line.  There is a justifiable reason for insurance agents to be apprehensive about on line marketing.  If they write a blog that violates a state’s advertising regulation and someone complains, they run the risk of having their license suspended or their contract with their insurance company canceled and forfeit not only future commissions but the renewals they have worked long and hard to build up.

With that having been said, I still think there is room for insurance agents to use the social media options available on the internet to position and market themselves.

Learn from people like Ryan Hanley but keep in mind what your state’s insurance advertizing regulations will and will not allow you to publish.

In other words, from every “expert”, whether they claim that title or not, follow the advice I learned early in my career.  “Take the best and leave the rest.”

Be open minded about new things but remember the limitations you have placed on you.


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