Next Time, Put It In A Memo

Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

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One of the reasons I left the captive agency system and became an independent agent is that I HATE meetings for the sake of meetings.  I find them a huge waste of time and unprofitable for everyone but the “weakest link” in the group.

I know that sometimes it is necessary to interrupt the activities of everyone in the office for a meeting.  Right now I can’t think of any reason to justify shutting down the activities of a sales group but I’m certain there are some reasons to justify a meeting.

To me, insurance office meetings are merely another tool managers use to justify their pay check.  Most sales people like to hear the sound of their own voice and managers are no different.  If there is a difference it is only that the manager has power to demand a captive audience where everyone has the pleasure of hearing his voice at the same time.

Who cares if the agent’s income is based on his/her ability to sell a policy?  That is important but it is more important that they take two hours out of their day to listen to a manager or muckity-muck flap his jaws for 45 minutes.

Many of us agents are college educated.   Most of us know how to read.  If we are illiterate, we have no business selling promises that are printed on paper.

In 23 years I have yet to attend a meeting where the information could not have been put onto a memo or brochure for agents to read when they need the information.

The Scott Adams, Dilbert, cartoon strip captures how I feel about managers in meetings.


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