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There is a concept known as “Blogging Buddies” designed to help build traffic and awareness of your blog updates if you use blogging as one of your marketing outreaches.

The theory is relatively simple.  It requires a friend or fellow blogger to commit to leave periodic comments on your blog.

Ideally, blogging is a two-way communication tool.  As a blogger you initially write an article that you think your target market will find interesting.  That is the extent of what you do.  The idea is that over time, people who are exposed to you will come to view you as an expert in the field and will seek you out when they feel that it is time to upgrade their insurance portfolio.

Until they do, the blog allows them to respond to what you have to say with either a question or comment of their own about what you said.  Most of the time, the comments they leave will be very insightful and respectful.  Sometimes, however, you will have to deal with people who believe the anonymity of the internet allows them to be as nasty and mean spirited as they want.

A “Blogging Buddy” is someone who will assist you in getting the on line conversation started.  For some reason, many people are shy about being the first one to make a comment or ask a question in a group atmosphere.  Having conducted many sales training meetings I know that is the case.

I’m certain that psychiatrists can name a long list of why people often are not the first to participate in group discussions.  While I am certain there are a lot of reasons to explain this phenomenon, my personal opinion is that, in many cases, people are afraid of looking stupid if they are the first one to comment or ask a question.

By offering comments on your blog, your blogging buddy helps remove that fear.  The more comments that are on a blog, the greater the chance of people restaining their phobias and feeling free to express their true opinion.

If you have elected to use Social Media as one of your marketing thrusts, you want the interaction that the comments area of your blog allows.  The idea being, the more people who comment on your blog the more you are considered an expert in the field your blog covers.

Not only does a blogging buddy help your credibility, it can also increase the number of people who read your blog.  If your blogging buddy has a blog of his/her own, the odds are he/she will eventually mention your blog and direct readers to see what you have to say.

If the content you offer is good, there is a very good chance they will come back again in the future to see what else you have to say.

The idea of a blogging buddy does not come without a price.  Although you should not have to pay cash to your buddy, etiquette requires you to reciprocate the favor and leave a well-reasoned, insightful comment on their blog, if they publish one.


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