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Don’t Forget Your Marketing Calendar

Some people see the glass half empty and some people see the glass half full.  Personally, I tend to see the glass needing to be topped off. Some insurance agents think that the period of time between Thanksgiving and New … Continue reading

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Insurance Marketing Is Unique

I read a blog by Ryan Hanley this afternoon.  I agree with about 90% of My Thoughts After Presenting on Social Media to Young Insurance Agents In my opinion, the internet should be embraced.  More insurance agents should be using … Continue reading

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Winning The Blame Game

After reviewing my previous articles I have come to a conclusion.  I have spent a great deal of time talking about how to get in front of prospects and very little on what to do once you are there. There … Continue reading

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Eliminating Office Distractions

Every time a client or prospect calls is an interruption from what I was doing. I have to remind myself that all the prospecting work I discipline myself to do is designed to encourage people to call. Their calls may be an interruption but they are a positive interruption. Continue reading

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Insurance Agents: Embrace Technology

Of course you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to hire gurus and web masters but that is not necessary. My agency’s website costs less than $ 5.00 a month and I’m pretty proud of it. Continue reading

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U Can B a “Nice Guy” Insurance Agent

I’m often asked how a guy can remain nice and work for the insurance industry. Isn’t commission sales a cut throat business. Continue reading

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Can Agent’s Afford To Procrastinate?

Yes, all of us are occasionally due a rest. If you have done everything that you need to do, go ahead and take one. If you have not finished everything, however, don’t put it off. Unfortunately, I have seen many agents’ lose their career by asking that very question. Procrastination has cost many potentially good insurance agents a very lucrative future. Continue reading

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