About TIB Consulting

Commission CashWhen I am asked the question, “What do you do?” I know I am supposed to have my elevator speech polished and ready to go.  For me, however, I have to do one thing before I answer.  I remind myself constantly of one of the things I learned in high school speech class.  Mr. Casey would say, when I gave him the chance, “Always, remember your audience. stick to what interests them.”

 If the person who asks me, “What do you do?” is not an insurance agent I will give them the elevator speech for insurance prospects.  If, however, you are reading this page the odds tell me that you are already a licensed insurance agent.  If that is true, you could not care any less about my insurance agency.  You want to know what I can do for you.

 As a commission based insurance agent I learned there are only 2 activities for which I get paid.  Prospecting and closing are the only things that count.  Everything else is just busy work. Meetings and studying are important and need to be done but neither of them directly affects your paycheck.

 When an insurance agent asks, “What do you do?”  My answer is short and direct.  I help young insurance agents be more efficient in their prospecting and closing techniques.  Hopefully, that will lead to long term success and allow the agent to grow his/her business exponentially.